Dementia including Alzheimer's Disease

We believe that dementia should not prevent anyone from leading a full and active life. People with dementia do have specific and individual needs and in recognition of this, we have developed the highest standards in expert care for those with dementia as well as assistance for their families.

Our care is based on various principles. We strive to create a homely atmosphere in a relaxed and secure environment where residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible and individuality is respected. We aim to develop life-skills, encourage freedom of choice and promote our residents sense of self-worth. Our provision of person centered care enables those with dementia to live rather than merely exist.

We value older people. Those living with confusion, memory loss and dementia are very often misunderstood. They may present with unusual behaviour, which gives conflicting messages or is out of character.

Our philosophy is firmly grounded in the idea that no two people are the same. Essential to our care is the recognition of each person’s individuality: we support and celebrate uniqueness.

The person we become, as we get older, will be shaped by a lifetime of experiences: careers, families, hobbies, relationships and faiths to name just a few. Our goal is to reassure our residents by maintaining links with valued elements of their personal history.

Each resident has a personal care plan which provides the basis for developing an appropriate new lifestyle, including activities and routines, and allowing family members to remain involved in the life of the resident wherever possible.

Everyone in the care team receives specialist training through our dementia care programs and there are subsequently regular refresher courses. Emphasis is placed on supporting and celebrating each person's individuality. There are regular opportunities for meetings and social gatherings for families and friends, which provide a crucial support network.

We do all we can to develop a homely atmosphere using particular features to guarantee the most beneficial environment for residents including: memory boxes, modified crockery and tableware, sensory gardens and safe walkways, rummage boxes and life skills areas including specially adapted kitchens.

Our expert activity coordinators work in collaboration with care teams to create lively programs for everyone's enjoyment, including: gardening, baking, outings, pet care and gentle exercise.
Other specialist activities are also reminiscence therapy, music therapy and various complimentary therapies.