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Sheth Sonachand Dharmannan Singh Jeebun is the owner and director of Aster Healthcare (originating in Surrey) which is a family-run enterprise with over 30 years of experience working in the Healthcare industry.

Aster Healthcare opened its first home to residents in 2006 with the vision of offering short-term respite and long-term residency based on individual needs and assessments.

This is accomplished by providing full 24-hour nursing care with the aim of also supporting any additional care needs that may arise, catering to the elderly, and specializing in dementia care.

With this vision and experience in mind, the aster family has evolved over the years leading to the successful opening of a further three homes located in London, Worcestershire, and East Sussex.

All our homes are fully furnished and decorated to the highest standard, you can expect comfortable and accommodating self-contained rooms and a variety of sociable spaces including peaceful areas for rest and reflection.

The homes are in open ground areas with accessible garden spaces for everyone’s enjoyment, you as a resident and family are encouraged to help personalize your room to express your individuality and interests as we believe everyone is unique and we will work with you to help provide tailor-made service.

All our homes are resident orientated, the day-to-day running and operating practices are based on the ideology of having an open-door policy with both staff and residents where no subject is taboo or off-limits.

Since April 2015 when the CQC regulations and fundamental standards came into effect, the duty and ownership of residents’ care and needs have been highlighted further to incorporate full transparent practices in accordance with current legislation making care facilities more accountable for their actions.

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