Nursing Care Home in Middlesex

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If you are looking for a nursing care home in Middlesex, you have come to the right place. Aster Healthcare has been leading four nursing homes for quite some time now. Our goal with these nursing homes is to provide our residents with a better quality of life and normalcy in the routine that is hard to achieve outside of the home.

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Our nursing home in Middlesex, London is called the Willows Nursing Home. This nursing home offers a variety of services, including elderly, dementia, respite care, and convalescence stays. It is within proximity close to the M25 and local shops, making it an ideal location.

Our accommodations include single bedrooms with ensuite facilities. Some of our bedrooms have private gardens too. These are most liked by residents that are fond of walking and enjoy the fresh air and a garden view over a cup of tea with their friends and family. Customizing your own bedroom is highly encouraged in the Willows Nursing Home. This is to make sure our residents feel right at home in their bedrooms.

Outside the bedrooms, we have socializing spaces designed to encourage human interaction and friendly chatter. On top of self-contained bedrooms and sociable spaces, we have a lift, wheelchair access, gardens for the residents, nearby public transportation, phone points in all bedrooms, and televisions in all bedrooms. Our dedicated staff aims to provide a high quality of life to our residents in a personalized environment. Visit us any time and check all these facilities and services for yourself. You can also call us and consult about your patient’s special needs.

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