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If you are looking for a reliable nursing home in East Sussex, you have come to the right place. Nursing homes or end-of-life care is a sensitive matter. Although this blog is to recommend you one of the best nursing homes in East Sussex according to our thorough research, even if you don’t choose it, go with someone fully trained and legally permitted.

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Aster Healthcare is a big name in the healthcare industry. It manages four nursing homes. All four of these nursing homes have the best facilities and fully trained staff for taking care of the residents every need They provide special care services for people with Alzheimer’s, Cancer Care, Epilepsy, Hearing Impairment, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Speech Impairment, Stroke, and Visual Impairment. As well as prioritizing a fun homely environment, they pay special attention to nutritional diets and healthy drinks.

Their activity coordinators make sure to keep the residents engaged in healthy physical activities to maintain their stamina. Moreover, in Aster Healthcare’s nursing homes, special attention is paid to celebrating specific holidays and events.

They encourage all residents to keep in touch with their family and friends through Skype and WhatsApp. There are brilliant facilities to accommodate all residents and their needs from self-contained bedrooms, sociable spaces, phone points, and televisions in all bedrooms. All the homes have great access to help the mobility needs of residents such as a lift, wheelchair access, mini-buses, gardens for the residents, nearby public transportation. You can visit these nursing homes anytime to check and see if they fit the description of what you are looking for.

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